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I stopped maintaining these pages in 2001. Please enjoy "as is". In 2002 I sold my dinghy and bought my first yacht, and I am concentrating on personal experience now.
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[FJ picture] I very much like sailing. Reading about other people sailing can be great fun too. The reading adds to the sailing knowledge, and the sailing experience adds to the reading pleasure.

My favorite style is the non-fiction sailing narrative. In these pages I will review the stories in this genre that I have read, in alphabetical order by the authors last name. The titles are provided with a very personal rating in number of stars, meaning:

* Not so well written. Can do without.
* * Worth reading. I can recommend it.
* * * Excellent story telling. The kind of book that is hard to put aside.
My page is not the only one about sailing narratives. Check the links page for further reference.

Tip for dutch readers: Several of the reviewed books are at a bargain in bookshop De Slegte.

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